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Private bank mortgages are an integral part of the HNWIs mortgage market. By taking the private bank lending route it is possible to tailor a mortgage package which perfectly reflects your financial situation. The criteria used for private bank mortgages take into account income, assets and investments although there is a degree of flexibility available. These are not pre-packaged, off-the-shelf mortgage arrangements but specifically tailored private bank mortgages taking in the needs of each individual customer.

So, whether you are looking for a private bank mortgage to fund a buy to let, commercial property or residential investment, you have come to the right place.

Private bank lending

Specialising in unique scenarios we are much more than just a mortgage broker, offering the full package with advice and guidance every step of the way. We know which private banks are active in the mortgage market, which ones are competitive and we know how to get the best deals. As a consequence of our ongoing research into the private banking mortgage sector we can quickly and efficiently close deals for our customers.

Our UK based private banking mortgage service has access to not only UK private banks but those from the likes of Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco and other areas of the world. We know that many of our customers have unique financial circumstances, often involving overseas assets, which require unique mortgage solutions. Our area of the private banking sector is highly specialised. However, the fact we are able to access global private bank lending is a huge benefit for our customers.

Do private banks require assets under management?

As you would expect, the criteria for private bank lending can appear fairly strict on the surface. All private banks require a specific reason to open an account for an individual and normally they would not entertain a lending only account. We are well aware various elements of the criteria are negotiable but assets and regular income speak volumes.

In theory private banks would require a degree of assets under management although to what level is something we can discuss directly with participating banks. The very fact that private bank lending criteria tends to change fairly regularly offers a degree of variance to the benefit of our customers.

Comparing private banking mortgages

What makes us different at Enness is the fact that we are not tied to any private banking groups, we have access to them all. This allows us to compare private banking mortgages, the different criteria and interest rates to find the perfect package for you. We have excellent contacts in the world of mortgage finance and our reputation allows us to open doors for new clients.

Our deep-seated knowledge of our customers, their requirements, assets and income put us in a very strong position. New private banking mortgage applications introduced by Enness often bypass the traditional eligibility criteria as a consequence of our reputation. Therefore, upon applying for a private banking mortgage we expect and achieve a very high success rate.

Securing a private bank mortgage

In the traditional banking sector all customers would need to show a specific level of income or access to assets. In the world of private banking there is very little which is set in stone and everything seems to be negotiable. Each private banking mortgage application is considered on its own merits and the circumstances surrounding the underlying client. All private banking groups have an eye on the future and building a relationship with new customers, which allows us to maximise our influence to get the best mortgage deal.

Best private bank mortgage rates

Private banking lending tends to start at just over the £1 million level with mortgage interest rates as low as 2%. Private bank mortgages are available for buy to let, commercial and residential properties and deal size is not a problem. The ability to use any assets as collateral for your mortgage will ensure a greater degree of security for the bank and a better rate for you. It can be difficult to compare like for like private bank mortgages because they tend to be tailored towards a specific client. The world of private bank lending works very differently to mainstream banks with a more personal streamlined approach.

Will you qualify for a private bank mortgage?

We strongly recommend a one-to-one consultation to go over the way in which private bank mortgages operate. Typically private bank lending facilities prefer to see incomes in excess of £250,000 a year or available assets valued at more than £1 million. Obviously, this gives the private banks a degree of security when lending what can be significant amounts of money. One million pound plus mortgages are commonplace in this sector with some valued in the tens of millions of pounds and higher.

Securing a private bank mortgage

Our knowledge of private bank mortgages is second to none; we have a reputation that has been accrued over many years. As a consequence, we have yet to come across any circumstances in which we were not able to structure a viable private bank mortgage offer. We know which private banks to approach, how to approach them and what they require.

In an ideal world we can structure a number of deals for you to consider, prompting private banking institutions to compete against each other. Why not give us a call today and we can go through your specific mortgage requirements, income and assets then begin the work of finding the best deals for you.

Call us +44 (0) 203 758 9393 or submit your details and a broker will get in touch.

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