Mortgages for High Net Worth Individuals

We arrange high value mortgages and finance secured against prime real estate in the UK and Internationally.

We work exclusively for you, and over 300 global lenders, to secure the best possible mortgage terms based on your individual circumstances.

Global Mortgage Solutions

We arrange mortgage finance for individuals from all over the world secured against prime real estate globally.

We offer a cohesive global mortgage solution. Our team speak all major languages, have an international office network and understand the intricacies of individual market places.

Individually Negotiated Mortgages

Most Importantly we work for you, and negotiate on your  behalf to achieve the best possible mortgage solution based on your goals, objectives and circumstances. 

Our approach includes listening, understanding, creativity and negotiation and our solutions are arranged by individuals for individuals.

International Bridging

Bridging finance offers a fast solution to a complex problem. We work with hundreds of lending sources to find the best terms no matter the complexity or time constraints. 

Key bridging finance markets are the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal. We can however help with bridging finance anywhere in the world. 

Commercial and Development Finance

We offer commercial finance across the spectrum, from the conception of an idea though to restructuring and rescue.

We access hundreds of lenders and speak to the people who are able to make decisions and add value enabling you  to get your project off the ground, whether that means developing a single flat through to hundred unit developments.

China, USA, Russia, Hong Kong, Monaco....

No matter where you are from, where you live, where you pay tax or where the property you would like to mortgage is, we will find the best solution.

We help individuals from all over the world finance property individually, in 2019 we helped 78 different nationalities finance property in over 20 countries using a network of over 300 international lenders. 

Mortgages without AUM or proof of income.

We have unparalleled lender access and range. We know how to negotiate the best terms no matter the complexities or circumstances. 

Dry lend mortgages, regulated mortgages with no income, complex holding structures, high loan to value, capital raising, complex individuals or circumstances and multi-jurisdictional security. We will take time to understand what is required and find a lender that fits.

Personal. Responsive. Discrete.

Our advisers work for you and are on your side. We are fiercely independent, always available and respect your privacy. 

We work with high profile individuals from sports, entertainment, business and beyond, often working closely with their advisers to securely and discreetly deliver the best possible mortgage finance. 

Enness in 2020 - Q1 report

Highlighting what Enness can do for you, there is an insight into the best UK mortgage products for HNW non-resident/foreign nationals. So whether looking at residential, commercial or financing for property developments, we can draw on our many market contacts to provide the most competitive financial solution. The report also includes an array of real-life case studies highlighting our approach to specific challenges and the funding we have secured for many clients. 


Awards and Press

British Large Mortgage Broker - Winner - 3 years in a row
‘The most competitive and sought after mortgage brokerage in London’
‘The go to mortgage broker of the super rich'

Awards and Press

British Large Mortgage Broker - Winner - 3 years in a row
‘The most competitive and sought after mortgage brokerage in London’
‘The go to mortgage broker of the super rich'