French Alps Mortgages

Prime luxury ski chalets in the French Alps are a highly secure option for HNW property investors. Like the Côte d’Azur, this area offers both true lifestyle and pure investment value.

There is a dearth of supply but huge demand, which means Alpine property is appreciating rapidly in value. Beginning a private banking relationship can be complicated, so it’s important to consider your finance options early, using a broker with access to a wide range of lenders.

What you need to know


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Retail banks have a high appetite for mid-sized loans for chalets in hotspots such as Chamonix and Morzine. These lenders often offer higher LTVs, as
well as credit-only relationships, which do not require the placing of AUM with the lender.

If you do wish to approach a private bank, you will likely have to place AUM, because private banks will typically only lend in the area as a route into managing a client’s assets.

Seasonal lettings provide a lucrative income stream for investors.

Legal fees and taxes can range from 3.5-7.5%.

*Project costs include acquisition, notary fees and taxes, renovation/development works, arrangement fees and rolled-up interest.