Best mortgage products in Spain

Best mortgage products in Spain

At Enness, we specialise in sourcing low-cost bespoke mortgage products including local and international private banking mortgages, equity release and development finance secured against Spanish property. We work with an international network of lenders and investors that allow us to find terms for the most unique opportunities and structure financing to meet the exact needs of the client.

Highest LTV Mortgages

With one of the most prominent wealth tax rates in Europe means getting the highest loan to value mortgage is more important than ever for High-Net-Worth clients buying property in Spain.

Headline details:

Mortgage Type: Capital Repayment
LTV: 70%

Interest Rate Options:

Variable Rate: 1.40% + EURIBOR (floored at 0%)

Fixed Rate: 2.00%

Term: Up to 20 years

Interest Only Mortgages

Interest Only mortgages are heavily restricted by local Spanish lenders but international lenders are prepared to offer these loans to non-residents.

Mortgage Type: Interest only
LTV: 60%

Interest Rate Options:

1.40% + EURIBOR (floored at 0%)

Fixed rate: 1.55%

Term: up to 5 years (renewable at maturity)

Development & Bridging Finance

An increasing reluctance of local lenders to lend against property developments in Spain means clients need to look harder for creative funding solutions. We work with internationally based development banks that provide funding solutions giving you the option to fund a development before.

Interest Rate: From 0.70% per calendar month

Mortgage Type: Interest Only

LTV: Up to 65% of the project cost / property value

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